Katie Sikora


Katie Sikora graduated with a degree in visual journalism from the University of Miami and worked as a photo editor in Door County, Wisconsin, a media strategist in Chicago, and as an archivist at The National World War II Museum in New Orleans before turning to self-employment. She is a documentary photographer who worked in the live-music industry but she has pivoted her skills to social and environmental photojournalism since the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world.

Her photographs have been published by Forbes, the Chicago Sun-Times, The Times-Picayune, Southerly, Thrillist, NBC Chicago, ANTIGRAVITY Magazine, and the World Wildlife Fund, among others. She is the creator and director of The Sexism Project, an ongoing portrait and interview series featuring the stories of real people in real industries experiencing real sexism. She is also co-founder of Feed The Front Line NOLA, a grassroots effort born of the coronavirus crisis, to buy meals from closed local restaurants and hire laid-off musicians and artists to deliver the food to overworked area hospitals. She is based in New Orleans.