Kataleya Nativi Baca


Reni Kataleya Nativi Baca, a transgender woman from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, fled her home country in early 2019 after being beaten up by her transphobic brother, who fractured her collarbone. Though she was only a few weeks from presenting her asylum case in early 2020, the U.S./Mexico border was closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the incredible challenges she continues to face in Mexico as she waits, Kataleya remains resilient and determined. “[Migrating] has taught me how to be a liberated person, not to be a bird trapped in a cage, to leave everything behind in the past to move forward.” Kataleya's story was published in the 2021 February issue of National Geographic and online with images by photojournalist Danielle Villasana.

Photo of Kataleya Nativi Baca with photojournalist Danielle Villasana.