José María León Cabrera


Journalism Fund

José María León Cabrera is a journalist and co-founder of, a leading digital media outlet in Ecuador. His work appears regularly in Etiqueta Negra and Etiqueta Verde. He is a member of the International Fact-Checking Network, and has lectured at the Media Party of Buenos Aires, the largest gathering of digital media in the world.

León Cabrera's work has also been published in Diners, SoHo Ecuador and SoHo Colombia, and Courrier International. His interview with the philosopher Noam Chomsky regarding Julian Assange's political asylum in Ecuador was translated into five languages. He is a collaborator for the New York Times in Ecuador, and in 2019 he helped author the book Perdimos, which was edited by Martín Caparrós and Diego Fonseca. 

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