Isabella Padilla


Isabella Padilla is a recent graduate with a bachelor's in architecture at the University of Virginia. She grew up in Springfield, Virginia, and is of Puerto Rican heritage.

She has worked at the UVA Office of Health Promotion throughout her time at the university, where she has designed infographics that support well-being by correcting misconceptions about public health.

Inspired by her culture and family in Puerto Rico, she has recently completed her design research thesis on hurricane resilience in Puerto Rico, and has completed research projects regarding design and sustainability in Venice, Italy, and New York City.

These have involved research on social and environmental justice, as well as how design can play a role in cultural and environmental contexts. She is interested in the crossroads of design and sustainability, as well as digital design and fine arts.

Padilla also has experience using GIS online mapping software and will collaborate on maps, as well as design print and online materials to assist with reporting.