Gabrielle Weiss


Gabrielles film making career in documentary has brought her to many places including Thailand, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico and throughout the United States. She has worked as a DP, producer and editor for clients such as ABC, PBS, HBO, Discovery/Times, TLC, NHK, The, and A&E. She is currently co-producing and directing her own independent feature length documentary.

Gabrielle also received a "video-only" grant from the Pulitzer Center to produce a documentary on Argentinas "Ghost train" which was featured on Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria. The film was produced in association with the Virginia Quarterly Review (VQR) and  J. Malcom Garcia who authored the article "The White Train" for their Fall 2007 issue.

Her video looks in-depth at the battle between Buenos Aires cartoneros (trash-collectors) and a government that wants to close the "ghost train" that transports them to work.

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