Fábio Zuker


Journalism Fund

Fábio Zuker is a journalist and anthropologist and lives between São Paulo and Santarém, Brazil.

He writes for the Thomson Reuters Foundation and InfoAmazonia. He has also written for the Amazônia Real agency, National Geographic Brazil, piauí magazine, Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil, Agência Pública, Nexo Jornal, Piseagrama magazine, among other media outlets.

Zuker holds a master's degree in social sciences from EHESS-Paris and is a doctoral candidate in social anthropology at the University of São Paulo. His research focuses on the destruction of life on the banks of the Tapajós River (Pará) and Indigenous ways of making politics and creating worlds.

He is the author of The Life and Death of a Minke Whale in the Amazon and Other Stories of the Brazilian Rainforest (Publication Studio SP, 2019), to be released in 2022 in English by Milkweed Editions.

He also wrote On an Escape Route: Essays on Writing, Fear, and Violence (Hedra, 2020).

He is a three-time Pulitzer Center grantee: In 2019, he received a grant from the Pulitzer Center's Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund to prepare reporting and the mini-documentary Fields of Poison: Soy in the Amazon Rainforest. In 2020 he produced the podcast Scorched Earth: Stories of the Pandemic in the Amazon.

In 2021, he received a Pulitzer Center grant to investigate how fake news and misinformation among Amazonian Indigenous groups impact the way they are living during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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