Brittany Frizelle


Brittany Frizzelle is a Durham, North Carolina, native who graduated from Howard University in 2015. After graduation, she began teaching in Title 1 schools and began studying for her master’s in social work in 2017. Deciding that neither social work nor teaching would be the solution to the school-to-prison pipeline problem, she transferred to the University of Miami and is in her final year of pursuing a joint degree in law, community, and social justice. Since beginning at UM, Frizzelle has worked with the Miami Public Defender’s Office, Guardian Ad Litem, and the Center for Death Penalty Litigation in Durham. On campus she represented the National Lawyers Guild as president, the Black Law Students Association as community service chair, the Children and Youth Law Clinic as a legal intern for foster youth, and Street Law, a program where law students teach high school students the law. She plans to open community outreach centers that focus on re-entry for youth and educational and financial success for the Black community. She is an author of Sometimes I Cry, a book of poetry on Black life, and part-time intergenerational organizer at the Power U Center for Social Change, where she is beginning to organize parents and youth to support student campaigns and develop their own leadership around civic engagement.

Brittany Frizzelle