Alexandra C. Conwell


Alexandra C. Conwell is set to graduate from the College of William & Mary in May 2022, and will pursue a career in digital and print media production.

With an academic background in philosophy and film, she is drawn to multidimensional subject matter, and makes an effort to highlight nuance in her reporting.

Conwell has three years of experience as a features writer at William & Mary's ROCKET Magazine, and was appointed editorial director in January 2022.

Conwell’s introduction to the Pulitzer Center was during the New Media Seminar, part of
William & Mary’s DC Winter Seminar Program. Along with other fellows, she produced a podcast highlighting the crisis of non-tenured faculty in higher learning.

As a Sharp Seminar fellow, Conwell reported on GOP campaign strategy in Virginia, and the national controversy surrounding parental rights in public education. She looks forward to working with the Alabama River Alliance this summer, producing a documentary with the Southern Exposure residency program.

Alexandra C. Conwell