Ahmad Hidayat


Ahmad Hidayat is a seasoned Fellow and former awardee of the Pulitzer Center Southeast Asia Impact Seed Funding, with a primary focus on rainforest protection and climate change.

He has a proven track record of conducting policy research and providing recommendations on climate change, decarbonization, net-zero initiatives, international relations, and sustainability for international funding agencies.

In addition to his contributions at the Center, Hidayat is an active researcher and lecturer in the Department of International Relations at Universitas Indonesia. He researches foreign policy, environmental governance, ecological justice, and sustainability.

Previously, he worked as a climate change policy and diplomacy specialist at the Carbon Policy Lab by CarbonEthics for nearly two years, focusing on decarbonization issues in Indonesia's forestry sector. Before that, he served as an international development specialist for the U.S.-Indonesia Partnership for South-South and Triangular Cooperation (USIP1) by USAID and the Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM) at Universitas Indonesia for two years. In this role, he led various technical projects. 

He has worked on numerous international development initiatives, providing advice and support to enhance the impact of development cooperation and innovation in Indonesia. His work includes leading research on energy transition polarization and delivering policy briefs for climate action.

Hidayat received his master’s degree from Yonsei University, majoring in international development cooperation and sustainability, and his bachelor’s degree in international relations from Universitas Indonesia. 

Ahmad Hidayat