A transgender woman in Thailand who dreams of becoming a lawyer. A Ugandan gay rights activist who leads a double life. A lesbian in Jamaica forced to flee her country.

Pulitzer Center journalists examine the many challenges the LGBTQIA community faces, probing legal, religious, and ethical issues in the fight for equal rights. They report on a wide range of topics, from hate crimes in Russia to new gender identity laws in Bolivia. And they ask important questions: In a world plagued by stigma and homophobia, how do gender, sexual identity, and love influence the human experience? Where do LGBTQIA people find the courage to confront fear and the threat of violence?

Our journalists use many forms of media to tell their stories. Among them are Micah Fink’s full-length documentary The Abominable Crime, the stunning photography of Misha Friedman’s work in Russia and of Daniella Zalcman’s work in Uganda, and Live Hope Love, the Emmy award-winning video poetry work of Kwame Dawes, Josh Cogan and Andre Lambertson.





Mrs. M

A narrative of family, faith and fortitude in the face of HIV and poverty in Haiti.

More Than Survivors

Despite the strong stigma associated with HIV/AIDS in Haiti, three courageous individuals share stories of persistence and faith about those living and working with the disease.


HIV/AIDS sufferers in earthquake-ravaged Haiti exemplify human resilience, coping with their conditions through means both earthly and heavenly.

A Superstar is a Superstar (with video)

As Wyclef Jean appeals the decision barring him from Haiti's presidential race, some Haitians suggest he should use his wealth to help those in immediate need.