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Resource October 7, 2020

Innovative Narratives and Collaborations for Reporting on Biodiversity (Webinar Recording)

Amazon rainforest as seen from above. Image by Vox. Brazil, 2019. 

Tropical forests in Indonesia, Brazil, and Democratic Republic of Congo are under-appreciated...

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To view the English version of this webinar, see above. To view the Spanish version of this webinar, please visit the Fundación Gabo Youtube page

On September 8, 2020, the Pulitzer Center participated in the first of four environmental journalism seminars produced by the Center in partnership with Fundación Gabo and Grupo ISA. Pulitzer Center grantee Eliza Barclay and Rainforest Journalism Fund manager Nora Moraga-Lewy discussed unique narratives and collaborations related to environmental journalism.

Other panelists included María Paula Murcia, community editor at Mutante, and Juan Heilborn, co-founder and editor of El Surtidor. Each speaker has worked on a project with an innovative narrative and shared advice for pursuing successful strategic partnerships.

The 75-minute program was offered in both English and Spanish.

Journalists and activists, among others, discussed their in-depth research and reporting in sessions throughout September. For a complete list of the seminars, visit this page.


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