Celebrating Pulitzer Center Photography—and Photographers!

Photography projects are an increasingly important part of the Pulitzer Center's strategy for raising awareness of underreported issues around the world—from cover stories for TIME and The New York Times to special features for National Geographic and Harper's to presentations on MSNBC, Vox, the New Republic and The New Yorker. Our photography has also become a critical tool for exploring global issues and promoting media literacy in schools and colleges, as well as the cornerstone of exhibits, books and other events that extend the reach and impact of these images. In 2018 we're thrilled to announce a major new initiative, giving our supporters around the country the opportunity to bring the work of our photographers, and the issues they cover, into your communities and homes.

Celebrate Photography events:

  • Bring top photojournalists and their reporting to your city to discuss global news that matters.
  • Stimulate conversation about what's happening in the world and how it impacts our lives.
  • Engage your guests with global journalism for a one-of-a-kind event experience.
  • Commemorate your event with a framed print photo of your choice.

How does it work?

Our photojournalism projects can be the centerpiece of your next event: a lunchtime or dinner discussion for thought leaders and other influencers, featured discussion at a VIP reception, special presentation at a global issues conference or as special programming for a school or university of your choice. You provide the venue and the guests and choose a key global issue for an in-depth discussion. The Pulitzer Center will provide an exciting Global Photojournalism program in your city featuring a journalist and their global reporting as well as senior Pulitzer Center staff.

You can choose from any of the dozens of photographer grantees supported by the Pulitzer Center. Many of them have offered to make limited-edition prints of their work in exchange for contributions in support of this important part of our work.

About the Pulitzer Center:

The Pulitzer Center is an award-winning nonprofit journalism organization dedicated to supporting in-depth engagement with under-reported global affairs. The Pulitzer Center is one of the largest sources of support for international reporting—and the only journalism organization incorporating this reporting into comprehensive educational programs. You will see issues confronted, conversations spurred, and lives transformed. It is journalism and more, an engine of innovation and community engagement—and a natural partner for those committed to impact for social good. To learn more about our global reporting and education outreach, please contact Joan Woods at [email protected].

See attached for print version of this post plus a sampler of Pulitzer Center photography.