What outlets do you consider "wide-reaching?"

The Center is seeking to reach the widest possible audience in the United States, therefore we typically look for platforms with circulation and/or broadcast numbers of at least 50,000 or more. Online-only outlets will also be considered, but we prefer to see this combined with a traditional print publication and/or on-air broadcast.

Are foreign language publications in the U.S. sufficient?

Yes, however they must meet the above criteria within the U.S., and materials for our site and all correspondence with the Center must still be in English; therefore fluency in English is required from at least one member of the team.

Are English language publications/broadcasts that are not disseminated in the U.S. sufficient for the distribution plan?

No. Once approved, we encourage dissemination in as many outlets as possible, including abroad, but to be considered for the travel grant, the Center will need to see a plan for dissemination in the U.S. as well.