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'Signs of Your Identity' Exhibit at Anastasia Photo Gallery

Event Date:

November 12, 2016 - January 25, 2017


Anastasia Photo Gallery
143 Ludlow Steet

New York City, NY 10002

MIKE PINAY, Qu’Appelle Indian Residential School (1953-1963).“It was the worst 10 years of my life. I was away from my family from the age of six to 16. How do you learn about family? I didn’t know what love was. We weren’t even known by names back then. I was a number.” Image by Daniella Zalcman. Canada, 2015.

For more than a century, many Western governments operated a network of Indian Residential Schools...

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Anastasia Photo Gallery in New York exhibits "Signs of Your Identity" between November 12, 2016 through January 25, 2017. The work by photographer Daniella Zalcman showcases multiple exposure portraits of survivors of cultural genocide in Canada and the United State's indigenous communities.

Zalcman's subjects reflect on the traumas of their residential school experiences. In Canada, the last of these schools closed in 1996. In the United States, 59 remain open today.

This exhibition is made possible with generous support from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Zalcman recently published a book of her work with the FotoEvidence Book Award.

"Signs of Your Identity" Exhibit
Anastasia Photo Gallery
Saturday, November 12, 2016–Wednesday, January 25, 2017
143 Ludlow Street
New York City, NY 10002

Photographer Tomas Van Houtyryve, another Pulitzer Center grantee, also exhibits his work at the gallery through December.


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