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Queens World Film Festival Screens "The Abominable Crime"

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March 6, 2014 | 8:30 PM EST TO 10:00 PM EST
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Jamaica has the reputation of being one of the most violently anti-gay countries on earth. Male...

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Human rights lawyer Maurice Tomlinson demonstrating in Kingston. Image by Micah Fink. Jamaica, 2013.

Award-winning director Micah Fink's film, "The Abominable Crime," screens on Thursday, March 6, at the Queens World Film Festival.

While reporting for his Pulitzer Center project "Glass Closet: Sex, Stigma and HIV/AIDS in Jamaica" in 2009, Fink met Simone Edwards, the survivor of an anti-gay attack who was hiding with her daughter Khayla as she sought asylum outside of her country. The film documents Simone's story as well as the story of human rights lawyer Maurice Tomlinson, who also was forced to flee his homeland when his marriage to a man became public.

"The Abominable Crime" premiered in New York at DOC NYC, the city's 2013 week-long documentary film festival.

Thursday, March 6
8:30 pm
The Secret Theater
4402 23rd Street
Long Island City, NY 11101

For more details and to buy tickets, visit the full listing for The Abominable Crime screening.


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