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Online Information Session About the Impact Seed Funding

Event Date:

May 24, 2024 | 8:00 AM EDT TO 9:30 AM EDT

An educational grant opportunity, the Impact Seed Funding (ISF) has an open call for proposal until June 9, 2024. To support interested candidates, the Pulitzer Center will host an online information session on May 24, 2024. The goal is to provide two-way communication between candidates, Pulitzer-supported journalists, and the Pulitzer Center team.

Ask Me Anything Session
  • When: May 24th, 8:00am to 9:30am (EDT)
  • What: A session to support interested candidates in the ISF program
  • Who: Pulitzer Center team and grantees will share good practices, the latest issues, and address questions 
  • How to join: Register via Zoom

During the ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, which will be held in English, Pulitzer Center staff will provide information and clear up doubts regarding the ISF purpose, outcome, and application journey. By facilitating a productive discussion between Pulitzer Center Fellows, grantees, and interested researchers and academics, the session aims to share good practices for the applicants and address their questions. ISF recipients from past years will also join in to share their learning journey.

In the past two years, the Pulitzer Center has implemented 19 ISF projects in Brazil, Colombia, Malawi, Pakistan, and Southeast Asian countries. The connection between journalism and the university community was central to all projects as a way to enrich teaching, research, and student engagement activities around issues affecting rainforests, oceans, and the intersection of climate & labor.

About ISF

Impact Seed Funding (ISF) is a microscale grant provided by the Pulitzer Center to support education, research, or scientific activities which aim to enrich perspectives and knowledge of pressing global issues within the university community—specifically students and educators. In 2024, the ISF is focusing on a range of topics, including rainforests, oceans, and climate change, with a particular emphasis on its interconnectedness with workers and vulnerable communities. ISF facilitates a deeper understanding of complex problems and encourages the exploration of solutions and innovations to address the impact of human activities on rainforests, oceans, and the climate crisis.