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Jon Sawyer Moderates Panel on Connecting Water and the Media at World Water Week


Event Date:

September 9, 2010 | 9:00 AM EDT TO 12:30 PM EDT
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Pulitzer Center Executive Director Jon Sawyer and Pulitzer Center journalist Steve Sapienza will attend the upcoming World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden. Organized by the Stockhom International Water Institute and running from September 5-11, the gathering will focus specifically on the challenge of water quality. Scientists, business people, and policy-makers will convene from across the globe to hammer out solutions to the problems facing the water and sanitation community.

On September 9, Jon Sawyer will moderate a panel of journalists, water practitioners, and activists, which will include Steve Sapienza. They will discuss why water-related issues have not received more coverage in the media, where communication is breaking down between the field and journalists, and how to best explain complicated water topics to lay people. Later in the morning, the winners of the WASH (WAter, Sanitation Hygiene) Media Awards will be honored for their work.

Jon Sawyer will also conduct a workshop to share the efforts of the Pulitzer Center to cover water and sanitation and to give advice to journalists interested in covering the issue.


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