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Gary Marcuse Screens 'Searching for Sacred Mountain' at India's ViBGYOR International Film Festival

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February 21, 2015 | 11:30 AM EST
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The Chinese government and people, confronted with colossal environmental challenges, are turning to...

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Media file: tibetan_buddhist_temple_at_baiyu_morning_light.jpg
Early morning at the Tibetan Monastery at Baiyu in eastern Qinghai province. Image by Li Lei/ Face to Face Media. China, 2014.

Filmmaker Gary Marcuse screens the Pulitzer Center-supported documentary Searching for Sacred Mountain along with his earlier Waking the Green Tiger in February 2015 during the 10th ViBGYOR Film Festival in Kerala, India, the largest alternative film festival in South Asia.

Searching for Sacred Mountain and Waking the Green Tiger screen as part of the "Focus of the Year," a program of short films focused on green growth.

Searching for Sacred Mountain explores how an unlikely partnership between religion and government may hold the answer to China's growing environmental crisis. The 20-minute film is by Marcuse and Shi Lihong. In the midst of a worsening environmental crisis, with constant reports of contaminated soil and water and record levels of air pollution, China's government is appealing to traditional religions for help. The country needs to construct an "ecological civilization," officials say, and traditional culture has a key role to play.

Waking the Green Tiger was the story of the birth of that movement in a grassroots campaign that managed to halt the construction of a massive dam on the upper Yangtze River in 2008.

Waking the Green Tiger
Friday, February 20
7 pm
Open Air Auditorium
Kerala Sangeetha Ntaka Akademi
Thrissur, Kerala

Searching for Sacred Mountain
Saturday, February 21
11:30 am
Natyagriham Theatre
Kerala Sangeetha Ntaka Akademi
Thrissur, Kerala

For more information consult the ViBGYOR Film Festival website.


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