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"Finding Home" and "Widowhood" at New York's Photoville 2017

Event Date:

September 13 - 24, 2017


Brooklyn Bridge Plaza
17-31 Water St.

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Taimaa Abazli, 24, holds her new baby Heln in their tent at the Karamalis camp in Thessaloniki. Image by Lynsey Addario for TIME. Greece, 2016.


Finding Home

Following the lives of four Syrian refugee mothers and their babies from the day these women gave...

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Join the Pulitzer Center in September at New York's Photoville 2017 for "Finding Home," a container exhibit featuring work from the TIME team, Lynsey Addario, Aryn Baker, and Francesca Trianni and "Widowhood," an outdoor exhibit featuring the work of Amy Toensing. 

Photoville is New York City's premier photo festival. It's a modular event built out of shipping containers, combining indoor and outdoor exhibitions, talks, workshops, a beer garden, and night-time screenings in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Photoville opens September 13, 2017 and runs through September 24, 2017. It is free for everyone to attend!

"Finding Home" follows the lives of three Syrian refugee mothers and their babies from the day these women gave birth through their newborns' all-important milestones: first smiles, first meals, first steps.

In many regions of the world widowhood marks a "social death" for a woman – casting her and her children out to the margins of society. "Widowhood" looks at the status of widows in Uganda, Bosnia, and India.

Both exhibits are curated by the Pulitzer Center's Multimedia Coordinator, Jordan Roth, and feature work from Finding Home and A World of Widows, projects supported by the Pulitzer Center.

It certainly takes a village and the beauty of Photoville is that we have a critical mass of awesome photographer, curators, organizations and companies. We are in this together and we all share in the success! 

Please join us this September 13 - 24 for the 6th annual Photoville in Brooklyn Bridge Park and experience over 75 exhibitions, nighttime events, workshops and panels for FREE! 


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