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Family Time: Bonding with Your Teen Through the Phone and the Everyday DC project with DCPS, DC Collaborative and Pulitzer Center Education

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May 27, 2020 | 5:00 PM EDT TO 6:00 PM EDT
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The Pulitzer Center is proud to partner with the Everyday Africa initiative and its founders, and...

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DCPS Parent U 2020

Next week, the Office of Family and Public Engagement at District of Columbia Public Schools will host Family Time: Bonding with Your Teen Through the Phone as part of their online workshop series, "Parent University." The event launches the "Arts and Humanities for Every Family" initiative, which is a partnership between D.C. Public Schools and the D.C. Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative. Ideal for middle and high school families, this event encouraged students to bring their whole families to learn about how to support teen learning and love for DC using their phones. 

Fareed Mostoufi, Senior Education Manager at the Puiltzer Center, will present on the Everyday DC photojournalism in collaboration with Lindsay Vance, DCPS Visual Arts Manager. Other panelists include Lissa Rosenthan-Yoffe, Executive Director of the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative; and Trés McMichael, Education Programs Manager at the DC Collaborative.

The Everday DC unit, comprised of seven individual lesson plans, asks students to consider issues of media representation and bias and tell their own stories using photojournalism skills. Mostoufi and Vance will discuss how the unit can start conversations at home about community in DC and around the world. In addition, Rosenthan-Yoffe and McMichael will share remote learning resources resources from the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative. 

Register here for this one-hour event. For more information about the Everyday DC project, contact [email protected].


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