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Exhibit Features David Rochkind's TB Photos

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March 10 - 24, 2012 | 5:00 AM UTC
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Moldova has been hit particularly hard by the emergence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB)...

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Pulitzer Center grantee David Rochkind's photographs will be displayed at "Global Health in Focus," an exhibition focusing on three of the most significant health challenges facing the world today: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and access to clean water. Rochkind has spent the past three years documenting the TB epidemic in Moldova, India and South Africa. He recently created an <a href="">interactive educational website</a> that features his photographs, his multimedia work on TB, and a curriculum for use in high school classrooms. Rochkind will also participate in a <a href="/event/why-global-health-matters-panel-discussion-featuring-david-rochkind">panel discussion "Why Global Health Matters"</a> on Wednesday, March 7 at 6:00 pm.<br>
The exhibition is hosted by the <a href="">Photographic Resource Center (PRC)</a> at Boston University as part of the PRC's Global Health Project. This project aims to educate the public on critical global health issues through documentary photography, allowing people to better understand the problems and possible solutions. <br>
<strong>To view the exhibition, visit:</strong>
Photographic Resource Center at Boston University
832 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02215<br>
General public: $4
Seniors and students: $2<br>
<em>The event is co-sponsored by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Boston University Center for Global Health and Development, Boston University College of Communication, Boston University School of Public Health, Management Sciences for Health, and is supported by Massachusetts General Hospital: Center for Global Health, Global Health at MIT and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.</em><br>
<em><a href="/campus-consortium/boston-university">Boston University</a> is a Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium partner.</em><br>
For more information on this event and current exhibitions at the Photographic Resource Center, please visit

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