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The Climate Generation: Born into Crisis, Building Solutions

Event Date:

January 18, 2024 | 7:30 PM PST TO 8:30 PM PST


Newport Beach Civic Center
Community Room
100 Civic Center Drive

Newport Beach, CA

Christian Science Monitor Weekly magazine cover art from November 6, 2023, featuring images from the Climate Generation series of youth from across the world and an illustration with gears representing activism, science, et cetera, as efforts to combat climate change.

From the Global South to the Canadian Arctic, the Climate Generation is transforming everything from...

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Multiple Authors
Young Indigenous Guardians Tad Tulurialik (left) and Roger Ullikatalik stand on Arctic Ocean ice, where they help take samples to monitor water quality and to measure the thickness of the ice. Older Guardians pass traditional knowledge to younger members and use modern technology to document climate change. Image by Melanie Stetson Freeman. Canada.

Meet The Christian Science Monitor team who traveled the world to report the Climate Generation project. Journalists will discuss their findings, answer questions, and share dramatic photos.


yellow halftone illustration of an elephant


Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change
teal halftone illustration of two children, one holding up a teddy bear


Children and Youth

Children and Youth