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Bronx Doc Artist Talk: Alessandro Cosmelli and Marzio G. Mian


Event Date:

April 16, 2024 | 6:30 PM EDT TO 7:30 PM EDT


Bronx Documentary Center
614 Courtlandt Ave

Bronx, NY 10451

volga blue


Volga Blues

The Volga is the river that has always defined the history (and geography) of Russia.

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Artist Talk: "Volga Blues" April 16th Flyer featuring a photograph from the project of an orthodox church choir and a map of the route the Volga River takes through Russia.
Graphic courtesy of Bronx Documentary Center, featuring an image by Alessandro Cosmelli.

The Volga river has defined the history and geography of Russia and is the basin of Russian identity. If there is a way to try to understand what it means to be Russian today, it is to travel along the Volga region.

Journalist Marzio Mian and photographer Alessandro Cosmelli followed the Volga to understand Vladimir Putin’s isolated, neo-imperial Russia, where the river, among other things, is the main artery for the traffic of goods and weapons with which Russia and Iran circumvent sanctions.

Join Cosmelli and Mian for a presentation of their reporting and photography, which ran in Harper’s magazine in January 2024 as an essay titled "Behind the New Iron Curtain."


  • Alessandro Cosmelli is an Italian-American documentary photographer. He has traveled and worked in over 50 countries and across the United States during the Obama and Trump eras, focusing on issues relating to human rights, conflict aftermath, and identity. His research is inspired by the dynamics and forces that shape our contemporary society and the interactions between individuals and their communities in a globalized world.
  • Marzio G. Mian is an award-winning correspondent and author. For seven years, he was deputy editor-in-chief of Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera's weekly magazine and is now a contributor to Corriere della Sera, Reportagen, Revue XXI, GQ Italia, L'Espresso, RAI TV, SKY Italia, and RSI Swiss Public Radio for cultural, social, and geopolitical topics. Mian has produced print, video, and audio reports from 56 countries, which included the collapse of communism, the Balkan wars, the enlargement of Europe, and four American presidential campaigns.

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