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Bridget Huber on 'Global Surgery 2030' Panel at Harvard Medical School

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May 6, 2015 | 3:05 PM EDT
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Surgically-treatable conditions cause more death and disability than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and...

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Surgeons come from all over the world to the CURE Children's Hospital in Mbale, Uganda, where doctors developed a new treatment for hydrocephalus. Image by Bridget Huber. Uganda, 2014.

The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery hosts "Global Surgery 2030" at Harvard Medical School on Wednesday, May 6—a day of panel discussions about the roles of educators, students, industry, employees and the press on building a movement for sustainable, resilient health systems.

Pulitzer Center grantee Bridget Huber speaks on an afternoon panel discussing the role of the press in building movements for global health, specifically lessons for global surgery. Topics include building a media presence, engaging stakeholders and exploring action items for global surgery advocates and journalists. Also on the panel with Huber are: Ray Price, a professor at the University of Utah and surgeon for Intermountain Health; Jeff Marvin, media relations manager at Partners In Health; Eric Talbert, executive director of EMERGENCY USA; and political journalist Michael Goldfarb.

Huber, a radio and print journalist, has most recently reported on the push to put surgery on the global health agenda for her Pulitzer Center project, "Surgery: The 'Neglected Stepchild' of Global Health."

The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery is chaired by Dr. John G. Meara at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, Andy Leather at King's College London, London, UK, and Dr. Lars Hagander at Lund University, Lund, Sweden. The group of experts in a variety of disciplines assess the current state of global surgery, and develop recommendations on how to improve the state of global surgical care delivery around the world. Their findings are being discussed in a series of launch meetings around the world throughout 2015. The commission's inaugural launch was held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London in April. The Harvard Medical School discussions launch Global Surgery's U.S. series.

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Global Surgery 2030
Panel: The role of the press in building movements for global health: lessons for global surgery
Wednesday, May 6
3:05 pm
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, Amphitheater
Boston, Massachusetts 02115


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