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Borderlands: A Conversation with Photographers Tomas van Houtryve and Louie Palu

Event Date:

November 3, 2013 | 4:00 PM EST TO 5:30 PM EST
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With the same ruthless skill it uses to keep its population in check, North Korea also keeps...

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Top image: Looking north from east of Tijuana, Mexico: The U.S. border fence cuts through mountains in the states of California in the U.S. and Baja California in Mexico. Image by © Louie Palu/ZUMA. Mexico, 2012. Bottom image: A small rowboat used by a scrap smuggler is seen inside North Korea, beyond razor wire from the Chinese side of the border near Dandong, China. North Korean soldiers and workers were observed loading scrap metal into the boat before it crossed the Yalu river to the Chinese riverbank at an illegal crossing point. Image © Tomas van Houtryve/VII. China, 2013.

The Story Behind the Story: Borderlands

Join photographers Tomas van Houtryve and Louie Palu as they share reflections on their individual reporting projects, the challenges of telling complex stories through images, and sustaining public interest in the systemic issues on which they report. Seating is limited for this free public event organized by the Pulitzer Center in partnership with FotoWeek DC.

Tomas van Houtryve's project, "Borderland: In the Shadow of North Korea" works to examine the virtually impenetrable and mysterious North Korea from the borders that surround it. Louie Palu uses his camera to look at the U.S.–Mexico border and tenuous relations on both sides in his project, "Drawing the Line: The U.S.- Mexico Border." Both photographers transcend the idea of borders as physical objects, showing the people whose lives are directly affected and impacted by the presence of some of the world's most volatile borders.

This talk will be held at the FotoNOMA gallery, a space set up in conjunction with FotoWeek DC. Those who attend the event also will have the opportunity to see the "Borderlands" exhibition, comprised of work by van Houtryve and Palu.

Space is limited so reserve your seat today: [email protected]—please specify in subject line: "November 3 FotoNOMA"

"The Story Behind the Story: Borderlands"
Sunday, November 3
4–5:30 pm
FotoNOMA Gallery
51 N Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

Free and open to the public but seating limited so RSVP today.