Beyond Peace Deals: The United Nations Experiment in Peacebuilding at Davidson College

The UN Logo - The United Nations Peacebuilding commission draws from 31 members from member states of the UN.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 07:00pm EST (GMT -0500)

Location: Lily Family Gallery in Chambers

Five years ago, the United Nations embarked upon a new experiment to support weak post-conflict countries as they transition into more stable societies. From reintegrating ex-rebels to laying the groundwork for elections, from brokering security sector reform to broadening development, the UN Peacebuilding Commission looks at it all. Pulitzer Center journalist Jina Moore discusses her investigations on the impact of the Commission on the people who are supposed to benefit from the new peace in Guinea Bissau, Burundi, Sierra Leone and Central African Republic. Does peace finally have a chance?

Pulitzer Center journalist Jina Moore and special projects coordinator Peter Sawyer will visit Davidson College on November 30, 2010 to present "Beyond Peace Deals: The United Nations Experiment in Peacebuilding," Moore's latest work on the United Nations efforts at peacebuilding. In addition, the event will serve as a kick-off for Davidson's Campus Consortium partnership.