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Affirming Dominican and Haitian Identities: Pathways to More Respectful and Collaborative Relations

Event Date:

September 30, 2023 | 12:00 PM EDT TO 5:30 PM EDT


Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11210

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In recent years, a new group of Haitians have arrived in the DR from Haiti’s middle- to upper-income...

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Journalists, scholars, and community organizers will come together on September 30, 2023, at Brooklyn College to focus on the already fraught centuries-old relationship between Haiti and the Dominican Republic and new tensions brewing on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.

The backdrop to this community event is the Pulitzer Center-supported reporting by The Haitian Times looking into the historic hostility instilled on both sides, portraits of newcomer Haitians to the DR and Dominican perspectives on Haitians who have long-lived in the DR, and more recent arrivals. It also considers how the two nations' entwined culture might hold the solution to coexist—as émigrés from both countries do in places like New York.

This conversation featuring educators, journalists, activists, artists, and allies from these two vital communities in New York City aims to foster improved relations between both groups. The dialogue coincides with the 10th anniversary of an identity-defining moment on the island both nations share. Further, as recent developments illustrate, it holds the potential—along with similar forums—to resonate well beyond New York City’s limits, positively affecting relations on the island.

Come enjoy exhibits, food, dance, and music from both sides of the island, beginning at 12:00pm EDT. The panel starts at 2:00 PM.  Register now!


  • Lissette Acosta Corniel, assistant professor of ethnic and race studies, Borough of Manhattan Community College (City University of New York)

  • Jesenia De Moya Correa, director of the Latino Media Initiative at the Center for Community Media, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.

  • Ana Maria Belique, founding member and leader of (Red Común Nacional Organizada de Ciudadanos/as Dominicanos/as)

  • Onz Chery, Haiti correspondent for The Haitian Times and CUNY alum.

The discussion will be moderated by Georges E. Fouron, professor of education and social sciences at Stony Brook University (the State University of New York).

This event is hosted by Brooklyn College, the CUNY Haitian Studies Institute, and The Haitian Times in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center.





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