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Resource May 6, 2015

Meet the Journalists: Jonathan M. Katz and Allison Shelley


Workers retrieve lunch satchels left hanging in trees outside of a Sae-A Trading Company factory building at the Caracol Industrial Park in the north of Haiti on April 14. Sae-A is the anchor tenant of the $300 million-park, employing about 5,000 workers—still far short of the 60,000 jobs originally projected by 2017. The Clintons were instrumental at nearly every step in its creation. Image by Allison Shelley. Haiti, 2014.

The relationship between America's most powerful couple and the hemisphere's most precarious country...

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Third graders practice a marching drill after school with the help of their teacher Diendonne Daniel in preparation for a Flag Day ceremony to be held on May 18 in the village of La Difference in the north of Haiti, April 15, 2015. The USAID-funded housing project stands alone in the middle of grazing land near the Caracol Industrial Park. The project was initially projected to have 15,000 homes but so far consists of 900 one-bedroom lodgings of such poor quality that USAID has suspended contractors who built them. (photo by Allison Shelley)
Bill and Hillary Clinton have wielded extraordinary influence in Haiti for decades, and particularly since the 2010 earthquake. Journalists Jonathan M. Katz and Allison Shelley take a deep look at the Clintons' projects and prospects in the Caribbean island nation, examining the implications of their intensive involvement, and what that tells us about the present in Haiti and the future foreign policy of another Clinton administration.