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Resource June 6, 2016

Meet The Journalists: Claire Provost and Matt Kennard

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Control over its territory has always been considered the fundamental characteristic of the state...

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Statues of Greek gods on a tree lined road in Ciputra International City, in Hanoi’s Tay Ho district. Image by Claire Provost. Vietnam, 2015.

Journalists Claire Provost and Matt Kennard talk about their investigations into the global race to attract investment, which they contend has led to a balkanization of physical space in the interests of corporate power. From Lavasa, the corporate-designed-and-built-city in northeastern India, to the Special Economic Zones in east Asia which provide a "corporate utopia" for any company willing to come and work there, Provost and Kennard look at how our traditional concept of the nation state and its territorial sovereignty is being sliced and diced in the interests of corporate power.


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Land Rights

Land Rights