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Resource May 31, 2018

Meet The Journalists: Allison Herrera, Josephine Holtzman, Isaac Kestenbaum

Allison Herrera and Mary Bishop, both Salinan Indians, look out at the Indian Cemetery at the San Antonio Mission in Lockwood, California. 
The cemetery was laid out in 1804 at the height of the mission building period in California. Missions were built by California Indians through force. The total number of California Indians laid out in this cemetery is unknown, although Mary said it was in the thousands. Image by Isaac Kestenbaum. California, 2017.

Inter(Nation)al ​explores current events through the lens of treaties signed between the U.S...

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The Penobscot River in Maine. Image by Isaac Kestenbaum. United States, 2018.
The Penobscot River in Maine. Image by Isaac Kestenbaum. United States, 2018.

Journalists Allison Herrera (Salinan), Josephine Holtzman, and Isaac Kestenbaum talk about their project "Inter(Nation)al," which examines treaties between the U.S. and Native Nations. To this day, these treaties bind all of us—both legally and culturally.


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Land Rights

Land Rights
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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees