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Meet the Journalist: Amy Martin

Winfred Obruk points to the lost beach in Shishmaref, Alaska, where the community's playground and fish-drying racks are now under water. The island faces rapid erosion due to the effects of climate change, and residents have voted twice to relocate. They are determined to move as a community, but while they try to navigate this costly and complicated process, the Chukchi Sea pushes ever-closer to their homes." Image by Nick Mott. United States, 2017.


Cold Comfort

Season two of Threshold takes listeners to the homes, hunting grounds, and melting coastlines of...

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United States, 2018.
United States, 2018.

Threshold is a public radio show and podcast that tackles one pressing environmental issue each season. Grantee Amy Martin and her team report the story where it is happening through a range of voices and perspectives. Their goal is to be a home for nuanced journalism about human relationships with the natural world.


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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change