Northwestern University in Qatar draws from its parent organization, Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois), a distinguished history, famous programs and an exceptional faculty. Founded in partnership with Qatar Foundation, NU-Q provides a framework through which students explore the world and, ultimately, shape its future through its distinguished schools of communication, journalism, and liberal arts.

Northwestern University in Qatar, founded in 2008, offers top-ranked programs in journalism and communication. Graduates of NU-Q earn either a bachelor of science degree in journalism or a bachelor of science degree in communication with all the technical skills required to launch rewarding professional careers. NU-Q also offers students the opportunity to complete a certificate in Middle East studies and a minor in media and politics.

The vision and ambition of NU-Q is that the journalists and media professionals who have studied at the university will help bring the story of the Middle East to the wider world and will influence the political, cultural and social life of the countries in which they practice their profession.

NU-Q is not just a media school, however; it's a community of students who undertake a broad and rigorous curriculum in the liberal arts that enriches their capacity for critical thinking and broadens their world-view. The university ensures that graduates are broadly educated in areas beyond their specialties with an emphasis on cultivating flexibility of mind and a capacity for critical thinking and clear expression.