LaGuardia Community College of the City University of New York is named for Fiorello H. LaGuardia, New York City's New Deal mayor, who inspired a city of immigrants. Located at a transit hub that links Queens, the city's most ethnically diverse borough, with the world center of finance, commerce and the arts, the college provides access to higher education and serves New Yorkers of all backgrounds, ages and means. LaGuardia Community College's mission is to educate and graduate one of the most eclectic student populations in the country--over 160 countries are represented among LaGuardia's full-time students, with 124 languages spoken natively--to become critical thinkers and socially responsible citizens who help to shape a rapidly evolving society.

At LaGuardia, the Journalism Option in the Liberal Arts prepares students for journalism and other media careers through teaching the fundamentals of the news gathering process, from developing story ideas, conducting secondary research and in-person interviews, to writing and editing and publishing stories. By pursuing this major, students gain the writing, editing and technology skills they need to create journalism in the 21st century. They learn the ethics and responsibilities of journalists, and the process of interviewing sources and writing news in a variety of formats including print, online, and radio broadcast. Students explore using the personal voice in literary journalism in such genres as blog posts, personal essays, memoir, and autobiography. Furthermore, students gain an insight into the new media of digital journalism and become both critical consumers and producers of news. With articulation agreements with Brooklyn College and York College, students can transfer seamlessly to leading journalism programs within CUNY and complete their undergraduate degrees. The Journalism program is committed to bringing a multitude of voices to the professional field using the rich diversity present in Queens and New York City.

The Pulitzer Center will work with academic programs at LaGuardia across the disciplines, from the humanities to the social sciences, to bring journalists to campus and enhance classroom offerings, as well as offer international reporting fellowships to outstanding students. As importantly, LaGuardia's partnership with the Pulitzer Center will contribute to the curation of vibrant public programs, open to all, that bring award-winning journalists in dialogue with our community and engage the most pressing global issues of our time.