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Lesson Plan July 22, 2016

Why They Flee: Understanding the Migration of Minors



Questions for Resource #1 and #2

Where are Anthony, Gustavo, and Emilio from, and where are they trying to go?

Why are they willing to face incredible risks to migrate?

What is the US State Department’s term for them, and why do they travel this way?

What are coyotes?

What are some dangers of migration?

Name at least three challenges facing them at home.

What are President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson trying to do to help?

Questions for Resource #3:

1. What was daily life like for Daniel Chacon and his family?

2. How would you describe the crisis in San Pedro Sula?

3. What is daily life like for journalist Paul Cerrato?

4. How has the United States responded to this crisis?

5. How do the people of San Pedro Sula deal with the crisis?

6. What does Paul Cerrato suggest the government do to help?

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