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Lesson Plan August 5, 2015

What Should the United States’s Foreign Policy Be When Militiamen Rule?




Questions for "Unmade in the USA: The Inside Story of U.S. Foreign-Policy Failure in South Sudan"

  1. Explain how the conflict in South Sudan began. 
  2. Who is leading each side and what does each side want?  Who are the militiamen?
  3. What factors led to famine in South Sudan?
  4. Explain what each president did over time to aid the peacekeeping effort in Sudan.
    • President Clinton
    • President Bush
    • President Obama
  5. What made South Sudan a vulnerable state, doomed for failure?
  6. Summarize the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005.
  7. Why did the Obama administration fail in regards to the Sudanese crisis compared to the previous presidents?
  8. What steps did Kiir take that led to fighting in South Sudan?
  9. What does Barnaba Martial Benjamin say is needed to help South Sudan unite its people and create a functioning government?
  10. Can militiamen rule?

Questions for "Displaced by War, Thousands Living Underwater on U.N. Base in South Sudan"

  1. Which picture is most revealing about the problems that South Sudan faces? (What picture most shows that this is a horrible, serious problem?)
  2. Which picture surprised you the most?
  3. What were you able to learn from the series of pictures?
  4. Do you agree that this is more or less powerful than reading an article? Why?
  5. If you were the photographer, what picture would you try to take in order to tell this story?

Questions for "South Sudan's Looming Disaster: Famine in the Wake of Civil War"

  1. Why are South Sudanese facing food insecurity?
  2. What does the U.N. refugee camp provide for families that are displaced?
  3. What steps is UNICEF taking to help this crisis?
  4. Why is the food crisis considered “man-made?”

Reflect after you read:

  1. What could you do help the crisis in South Sudan?
  2. What should the U.S. do, if anything, to help?

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