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Lesson Plan July 28, 2015

What should be done about the heroin epidemic in India?



Questions for "On the Border: Heroin Epidemic"

  1. Where do users go to shoot up?
  2. Where do most of the drugs come from?
  3. How are drugs smuggled across the border?
  4. Is this a problem that deserves global attention? Should the U.S. get involved?

Questions for "North India's Heroin Epidemic"

  1. Which picture is most revealing about the problem that northern India faces? (What picture most shows that this is a horrible, serious problem?)
  2. Which picture surprised you the most?
  3. What were you able to learn from the series of pictures?
  4. Do you agree this is more or less powerful than reading an article? Why?
  5. If you were the photographer, what picture would you try to get in order to tell this story?

Questions for "Kashmir's War on Drugs"

Answer while you read:

  1. What leads people to get addicted to heroin, SP, opiates, etc. in this particular area?
  2. Does using A.N. and M.M.’s personal stories help you understand the struggle?  What can we learn from A.N. and M.M. that you can use for your proposal?
  3. Are de-addiction centers successful?  Explain.

Reflect after you read:

  1. What else can be done to combat this problem?

Questions for "Kashmir's Heroin Highway"

  1. What is considered “Kashmir’s Heroin Highway?”
  2. What is being done along this route to try to prevent/stop this problem?

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Drug Crises


Drug Crises

Drug Crises
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Health Inequities
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Outbreaks and Epidemics