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Lesson Plan December 23, 2020

Voices in the Shadow of Death: The Lost Narratives of the Bubonic Plague and Covid-19


Unit overview: Students analyze reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic and historical research on The Black Death in order to evaluate the purposes and biases of sources, compare and contrast pandemics from two time periods, and evaluate whose stories are under-reported. Students then create profiles that imagiune under-reported stories from The Black Death.

Resources for facilitating this unit: 

  • Complete three-lesson unit plan, which includes warm up activities, extension activities, links to reporting explored as part of each lesson, and graphic organizers for students to track their work.
  • A google form that can be used to evaluate student learning at the end of the unit.

Performance Tasks:

  • Draft outlines for under-reported stories that students could investigate in their own communities
  • Document-based questions (DBQs) to track students' evaluations of reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic and historical research on The Black Death
  • Original profiles and mock interviews that capture under-reported stories from the period of The Black Death

Assessment/Evaluation/Student Exemplars: 

  • This unit includes examples of the three performance tasks, and responses to the closing google form, that come from students in Crowley, TX who participated in the unit.

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