1) How do I schedule a free Skype/Google Hangout visit with a journalist?

Learn more about the program and schedule a visit here.

2) How do I identify the right speaker for my students?

Our team will work with you to pick a speaker whose reporting is most supportive of the work you are doing in class. Examples of potential speakers are listed in this lesson plan.

3) What technology do I need to host a Skype visit with a Pulitzer Center journalist?

We can work with you to set up a call using the technology you have available. Generally teachers use Skype or Google Hangout (available through Gmail) to host the calls. For students to be able to see and hear the journalist more clearly, teachers often connect their computer to speakers and a projector. Sometimes they also use a computer with a camera, or attach a camera to the computer, so that the journalist can also see the students.

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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change
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Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation