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Lesson Plan February 19, 2016

Roads Kill: The Dangers of Motorcycles


Questions for "Number of Fatal Motorcycle Crashes in Kenya on the Rise"

  1. What was the death toll for motorcycle crashes in Kenya in 2013?
  2. Why are motorcycles a popular mode of transportation in Kenya?
  3. What is the main cause of motorcycle accidents in Kenya?
  4. By what percent can a good quality helmet reduce the risk of death or serious injury in a motorcycle accident?

Questions for "Helmet Use a No Brainer in Cambodia’s Rapid Motorization"

  1. What percent of vehicles on Cambodia's roads are motorcycles?
  2. Motorcyclists from which age range get into the most accidents?
  3. How many helmets did the Asia Injury Prevention foundation (the non-profit helmet organization in Vietnam) donate to Cambodian students and teachers?

Questions for "Asia's Motorcycle Boom"

  1. What are some reasons, according to Tom, that motorcycles are dangerous?
  2. Other than for safety, why do people in Cambodia buy helmets?
  3. Which Asian country is the most dangeous for motorcyclists and why?

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