Questions for "North Korean Escapees Break Silence"

  1. What is the DMZ?
  2. What does a United Nations report compare conditions in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to, according to the article?
  3. What does Song Byeok’s art focus on now?
  4. What is unique about Shin Dong-hyuk?
  5. What does Park Sang Hak do now?
  6. What is Pearl’s explanation for the deprivation and hardship in North Korea?

Questions for "Tracing North Korea's Borders"

  1. Why did Tomas van Houtryve decide to take photos from outside North Korea rather than inside?
  2. What geographical feature marks the boundary between North Korea and China?
  3. Why was the “Peace Dam” built?
  4. Why are there disputes between North Korea and South Korea over the islands of Yeonpyeong, Baengnyeong, and Daecheong, according to the article?

Questions for "Pizza, Pony Rides and Dolphin Shows..."

  1. According to the article, what is Kim Jong Un’s motivation for introducing new amenities to North Korean people?
  2. According to the author’s minder, why do Pyongyang residents keep their lights off?
  3. According to the author, how many people were in the audience at the Dolphinarium the author visited?
  4. Why didn’t the guide let the author take a photo of the stage after the show at the Dolphinarium?

Questions for "North Korea: A High Price"

  1. Why is North Korea often referred to as the “Hermit Kingdom,” according to the article?
  2. What phrase do North Koreans use to refer to concentration camps, according to the author?

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