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Lesson Plan February 12, 2020

Policing for Profit: Evaluating the Constitutionality of Civil Asset Forfeiture


Warm-up: What rights do Americans have that regulate police conduct at traffic stops?

Introducing the Lesson: Exploring civil asset forfeiture, a law enforcement tool used to seize private property often without a criminal conviction, and its controversies. 

Analyzing the Reporting: Reading about police tactics in Phelps County, MO and about nationwide reform and debate while responding to comprehension and discussoin questions.

Extension Activities:

1. Debate: Arguing and Defending positions either in favor of or against civil asset forfeiture's use in law enforcement. 

2. Local reserach: Investigating how law enforcement entities employ civil asset forfeiture at home and understanding local laws governing the practice.

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Civil Asset Forfeiture


Civil Asset Forfeiture

Civil Asset Forfeiture