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Lesson Plan July 29, 2015

Native Communities in the Peruvian Amazon: Presenting Contradicting Arguments



Questions for “From Deep in Peru’s Rainforests, Isolated People Emerge”

  1. What evidence is there that native peoples from the Amazon forest are starting to emerge?
  2. How do the villagers feel about the emergence of tribes from the Amazon forest?
  3. What do anthropologists fear about making contact with forest communities?
  4. What is the opinion of officials in Lima about the forest communities?
  5. How many people are estimated to be living in forest communities?
  6. What was the impact of previous forest community interactions with the outside world?
  7. How are the village communities related to the forest communities?

*Note: If you are running out of time, you can skip the story of Epa and save reading that until after class. You can skip from the line “MALOCA! Says UAC’s Fagan” to the paragraph that begins “Some villagers and even government foresters lack the dozen or so vaccinations recommended to protect isolated peoples, says reserve chief Solano.”

  1. What is the challenge with bringing healthcare to forest communities?

Questions for “Peru: Counting the Invisibles”

  1. True/False- Oil mining is permitted in national parks?
  2. Why are anthropologists hesitant to enter the Amazon forest communities?
  3. What would be the impact of drilling in the Amazon?
  4. How do anthropologists determine if a community is present in isolated areas in Peru?
  5. What are the two opinions presented in the article?
  6. Track the order of Lawler’s article, which interview does he present first, then how does he contradict that interview and then how does he resolve?
  7. What do you think is Lawler’s goal in presenting two arguments?

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