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Lesson Plan December 13, 2016

Mapping Money in the Democratic Republic of Congo



Discussion Questions

  1. Use the master map to discuss the following,

    1. Does it look like you expected? Why or why not?

    2. What do you notice? What surprises you?

    3. Was there anything on someone else’s map that was not on your map? How did you do decide what should and should not be included?

  2. Use elements of the map and article to discuss the following,

    1. What is the relationship between the Kabilas' network of businesses and Congo’s economy?

      1. What types of businesses are in this network?

    2. What factors (political, historic, economic, etc.) impact this connection?

    3. How has this network helped or hurt the

      1. Country’s economy?

      2. The Kabila family's fortunes?

      3. The lives of average Congolese citizens?

    4. What roles do foreign investment, companies, governments, and agencies play in Congo’s economy and the Kabilas' businesses?

    5. How has the democratic process in Congo been impacted by the Kabilas' business practices?

      1. Why does it matter if Kabila steps down as president or not?

      2. What are the potential problems if he refuses to leave office?

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Conflict and Peace Building

Conflict and Peace Building