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Lesson Plan October 2, 2019

A Lost Generation: Learning About Family Migration from Indigenous Villages in Guatemala




Warm-up Exercise: Discussing the issue of migration and defining terms relating to Guatemala and Indigenous populations.

Introducing the Resources: Introducing "Surge in Family Migration Leaving Void in Rural Guatemalan Schools, Communities" and "Passports to the American Dream: Mounting Debt, Few Opportunities Keep Guatemalans Coming" by Perla Trevizo.

Exploring the Resources: Listening to and reading the two resources and answering comprehension questions.

Discussion Questions: Content: Writing and sharing answers to questions about the resources' content.

Discussion Questions: Structure: Discussing the way that the journalist constructed the reporting.

Extension Activities:

1. Expository Writing

2. Research and Design a Timeline

3. Discussion and Written Reflection

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Migration and Refugees


Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees
Indigenous Communities


Indigenous Communities

Indigenous Communities