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Lesson Plan December 23, 2015

Lesson Plan: Structuring Debate around the World Bank's Funding of Large Companies


Questions for "The World Bank's Humanitarian Raid"

  1. How does the article begin? What is the first image?
  2. Why have there been more recent investments in Myanmar?
  3. What is the IFC?
  4. Why are some people questioning the investments of the IFC?
  5. How does the author describe the Shangri-La hotel? What is the tone? What language suggests how the author feels about it?
  6. What does the author suggest has been the ifc’s role in guiding the economies of different nations?
  7. What are the IFC’s arguments supporting its investments? What counterarguments are presented?
  8. According to the IFC, how does a project ultimately get funded?
  9. What does the author pose as the ethical issue with the IFC's role as a financial advisor and investor?
  10. How does the article end? Why do you think the author has chosen to end with this quotation?

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Health Inequities

Health Inequities