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Lesson Plan May 20, 2022

Examining Peacebuilding as a Framework


Warm-up: Students learn what peacebuilding is, and discuss what conflict and peacebuilding look like in their community.

Introducing the Lesson: Exploring how peacebuilding efforts can address cycles of violence around the world.

Introducing the Reporting I: How Memory Can Help Heal Trauma—From Colombia to Chicago

Introducing the Reporting II: In Post-Conflict Colombia, Imprisoned Ex-Combatants Help Maintain a Fragile Peace

Extension Activities:

  1. Peacebuilder Spotlight
  2. Research and Presentation on Colombia’s Conflict (Individual work and group work options)
  3. Constructing a Timeline of the Colombian Conflict
  4. Becoming a Peacebuilder/Peace Advocate
  5. Art for Peace

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Conflict and Peace Building


Conflict and Peace Building

Conflict and Peace Building
Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice