Lesson Plan November 8, 2017

Deportation and the Cycle of Violence in El Salvador


Questions for “The Deportees Taking Our Calls”

  1. What does Sykes do? Why does it operate in El Salvador?
  2. What are the two most important qualities in a call center employee?
  3. What led to the migration of many Salvadorans in the 1980s?
  4. Where did Barrio 18 and MS-13 begin?
  5. What crime constituted grounds for Anzora’s deportation?
  6. Why are deportees stigmatized in El Salvador?
  7. While Tomás accepted his prison sentence, what treatment did he resent?
  8. Why are English schools popping up around El Salvador?
  9. Why do some Salvadorans shy away from applying at Convergys?
  10. Why does Anzora advise a customer against buying a pair of Nike Cortez shoes?

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