Unit Overview: Students will engage with photographic artifacts, personal stories and reporting, as well as prepare interviews with members of their own communities to examine the impacts of COVID-19 on communities throughout the U.S.  Students will seek out common themes, and explore how those themes drive them to investigate further, as well as synthesize a deeper understanding of the communities around them. Finally, students will create artistic or written work to synthesize their understanding of the themes they have encountered in visual, textual, and interpersonal resources.

Resources for Facilitating this unit: Complete five-day unit plan, including warm-ups, resources, discussion questions, activities, and performance tasks for the unit.

Performance Task: This unit culminates in a collaborative Padlet, and individual art projects, where students demonstrate what they have learned about COVID-19 for individuals and communities. 

Assessment and Evaluation: This unit includes several formative assessments for each lesson and a note on a summative assessment extension activity. More information can be found in the Unit PDF.

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