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Lesson Plan January 10, 2017

Climate, Land Rights and Water Lesson Plans



The following lessons are connected to reporting from Pulitzer Center grantees exploring climate change, land rights and water/sanitation in communities throughout the world. Some lessons were written by members of our education team, and others were written and shared by our community of educators. This page will be updated regularly to feature new lessons exploring issues facing the environment, so please check back.


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Climate Change and Culture

Students analyze and summarize four accounts of how climate change is affecting culture internationally in order to compare and contrast with how climate change is impacting their communities.


Climate Change, Archeology and the Arctic:

Students discuss the role of archeology and explore how climate change is affecting the work of archeologists in the arctic. They also analyze the tone of the article and the impact of how journalist Eli Kintisch has structured the details of the article.


Debating the Global Land Rush

Students analyze reporting that presents diverse perspectives on the impact of global demand for land. Through discussion, writing and close reading of primary source documents, students explore how journalists objectively present an issue. They also use evidence from articles covering land rights issues in Ethiopia, Indonesia and Myanmar to debate how a country's natural resources should be used.


Environmental Sustainability in India's Fashion Industry

Students analyze how a journalist responds to different viewpoints on sustainability practices in the Indian textile industry in order to conduct a research project that analyzes sustainability practices by a textile company in their country.


Investigating Australian Mining in Africa Using Multimedia

Students explore "Fatal Extraction," a multimedia project that examines the impact of Australian mining companies on African communities.


Searching for Sacred Mountain: Religion and Environment in China

Students analyze multiple articles and films to explore the interplay between China's politics, environmentalism and Tibetan Buddhism.


Summarizing the Impact of Disappearing Groundwater in Four Countries

Students discuss how they use water, predict the impacts of a reduced groundwater supply, investigate articles and video reporting the impacts of vanishing groundwater around the world and ultimately use summary to create advocacy campaigns in support of groundwater regulations.


Water Crises in China and Flint, MI

Students use digital resources from journalist-grantee Sharron Lovell to investigate the impacts of China's Water Transfer Project on communities in northern and southern China. Students then practice cooperative learning and writing skills as they compare the impact of this project in China to how the discovery of lead in Flint's water has impacted community members in Flint, Michigan.


What's the Impact of Finding Oil in Your Backyard?

Students evaluate how authors illustrate the impacts of finding oil in Kenya in two texts. Students then apply what they learned from the articles to a presentation either advocating for, or protesting against, the hypothetical drilling for oil in their own communities.


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