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Lesson Plan March 8, 2016

China's Environmental and Human Crises



Questions for "China Environmental Ethics"

  1. What was the problem with the waste water the fabric company is producing?
  2. Who is IPE's founder?
  3. What does the IPE app track, in real time?
  4. Since the Chinese government is not paying attention to polluters, who does IPE contact, in order to get factories to change?
  5. What is one company who works with IPE? What is one company that doesn't?

Questions for "Photographing Beijing's Air Pollution"

  1. What does Zou Yin do every morning?
  2. What Causes the "APEC Blue" sky?
  3. When is the sky the most polluted?

Questions for "Who Will China's Huge Water Transfer Project Leave Behind?"

  1. Who started the South to North water transfer? Why?
  2. What does the water conservationist compare the water transfer to?
  3. What is Cao's grievance with farming?
  4. Why has there been a development freeze in the South?
  5.  Why can't Cao go against the Chinese government?

Questions for "China: Pictures of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project"

  1. What does Cao want people to know about the South to North water transfer?
  2. What are some reasons the North is needing so much water from the South?
  3. For the two families who were told to stay in their homes, what is their biggest complaint?
  4. Due to stagnated industrial growth, what is the estimated cost to the city of Xichuan every year?
  5. In addition to losing his cotton farm, what does Liu complain about? Why?

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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change
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Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation